Dave Hudson.net

I have always had a love for science and in particular, Astronomy.  I've dabbled in Astrophotography and Astronomy since I was a kid, but never really had the resources to do what I wanted.  In the past 5 years I've really gotten back into Astronomy and Astrophotography.  Since moving to Washington, DC in 2013, I've taken it to a whole new level!  The Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC) is one of the largest, most active, and IMHO best astronomy clubs in the US.  I hope to continue my journey with them and bring you even more wonderful views of this magnificent universe we live in.


 Just want to see the best of what I have?  Click Here for my Gallery Showcase on Astrobin!

"You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other."  

- Contact, 1997