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Problem:   The RA axis seems to "bind up" when under load.  The video below shows the behavior.  In the video, there is no weight/load on the mount.  I was able to get it moving through its full motion with up to 20 pounds of load.  Above approx 20 pounds, it exhibited the same behavior..... would move and then at some point, "bind up" and stop moving:




Additionally, just prior to shipping it started showing a new problem as well - the DEC axis would not find "set point" the head just kept rotating without stopping.....


Please be sure to fix and test with a full load!  I have a Celestron C14 and when I put it on with counterweights, even when perfectly balanced, it binds up/stops moving.


To get it working up to 20 pounds, I took apart the RA axis and found the following items which appeared to not be correct:


1) the roller bearings on the "back / lower" part of the shaft seemed to bind up when I rotated the bearings in my hand if I applied pressure to them.  This did not occur with the "upper / front" bearings (see pictures below).


2) The main "gear box / shaft " seems to have "play" or a gap/space - this allows the cover to move and when you lift up on the shaft, you can feel/hear the inside binding up (see videos/pictures below).


Note that in the video/pic of the RA "gear and box", the bearing is not straight - this is not a problem, it was just moved up for the video - it can be pushed down flush and straight onto the top of the shaft/washer.


Video of item #2:




Pictures of suspect parts:




2016 08 10 at 20.40.50


2016 08 10 at 20.40.55


gear gap

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